Enterprise Webcasting

Online video and rich media webcasts for the enterprise

Some of the biggest names in business, defence, technology and government trust Mediasite for enterprise webcasting and content management.

Why? Because the purpose-built, appliance-based approach is the most reliable, secure and scalable system out there.

The Mediasite webcasting platform features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and reports on rich media webcasts and online video presentations. The Mediasite Recorder sends the video of your presenter and their visual aids (laptop, tablet, whiteboard, document camera, visualiser) to the Mediasite Server, sitting securely inside your network, where your content is then streamed live to your internal viewers, and archived for immediate playback on-demand.

Mediasite offers both security and search engine optimisation tools for webcasts, viewer and network analytics and integration with your existing enterprise infrastructure including learning and content management systems, room control systems, video conference systems and enterprise directories.

When it simply has to work, and theres no option to redo and edit, Mediasite delivers.

Take a tour of the Mediasite webcasting platform with a deep dive into one of the technologies behind our webcastcloud hosted streaming and event services.