Mediasite Catalogue

Online video catalogue archives your valuable content

Your capturing important content and vauable knowledge. Rely on the Mediasite® Catalogue to automatically archive, organise and index your content for others to easily find, reuse, repurpose or share. It's easy to provide immediate access to collections of presentations your busy learners need, when they need the them.

  • Automatically catalogue and index all video and rich media webcasts
  • Choose your layout and custom branding, and mediasite does the rest - no web developer or integration skills needed
  • Auto-publish presentation to the mediasite Catalogue as soon as recordings finish
  • Pinpoint information anywhere in a catalogue with powerful search across slide text, audio transcripts and presentation metadata
  • Subscribe to catalogue RSS feeds and receive notifications when new presentation are available

We also make it easy to embed your mediasite catlaogues within your Intranet, or integrate your into any course or learning management system like Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Desire2Learn, ANGEL, Sakai and more. At all times your content is secure, using the viewing permissions you specify based on your Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP directory.

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