Mediasite Hosting Services

Australian Based Mediasite Hosting Services

Our Mediasite Hosting Services gives you a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to webcast using the market-leading Mediasite® by SonicFoundry platform, without the infrastructure hassles or costs.
Easily share your rich media webcasts online - whether Live or OnDemand - without investing in network hardware, bandwidth and personnel.

Content Bank's offers an Australian based, highly-scalable & redunant Mediasite environment, which can be switched on for you immediately.
With an unlimited number of administrative users, you can login online and simply manage your own 'Media-site.

Get started now

• Enjoy a low-risk way to put your knowledge online using Mediasite
• Effortlessly kick-start your webcasting initiatives
• Experience a stress-free, pay-as-you-go solution
• Customise your hosting package around the number of presentations and viewers you anticipate

Avoid technical headaches

• Minimise IT challenges and network infrastructure issues
• Avoid expensive hardware, datacentre and bandwidth investments
• Leverage our infrastructure, built for high availability
• Redundant telecommunication services and firewalls
• Multiple independent internet connections
• Multiple Content Deliver Networks to support large live and ondemand viewers
• Load balanced servers
• 24x7 data center monitoring, environmental controls and power failure protection

How It Works

AUTOMATICALLY CAPTURE your rich media presentations, lectures, briefings or trainings sessions as they occur with the Mediasite Recorder.

• Mediasite RL Room-Based Recorder
• Mediasite ML Mobile Recorder

Or Upload your existing media files directly via your online mediasite portal, or media import utility

UPLOAD your presentations to webcastcloud's Mediasite Hosting environment- where we can distribute your videos Live or webcast for ondemand viewing.

Be confident as your content is hosted in an Australian based, secure and highly scalable streaming environment.

VIEWERS get anytime access to your online videos.

Centrally manage your webcast registration, catalogues and subscriptions through the online Medisaite Management Portal.

Simply copy and paste your html code to embed videos in your website, or click to Share your webcasts online.

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