Mediasite Search

The power of system-wide search

Nothing is more valuable than pinpointing the exact information you need among hundreds or thousands of content hours in just seconds. Mediasite® indexes everything – making entire rich media libraries searchable and saving you immeasurable time. Every search scane:

  • Indexed slide text
  • Presentation metadata including titles, descriptions, presenter(s) information and record date
  • Closed caption transcripts, if available

Mediasite makes it easy to find key words or phrases anywhere - in a Mediasite presentation, a Mediasite Catalogue or across your entire Mediasite library - and automatically play from wherever your search terms are found. Plus, we let you place the power of Mediasite search within any of your organisation's popular web applications or pages with our embeddable Mediasite search widget.

Create your own 'google-type' search engine for all your video and rich media webcasts. Allow your staff, clients or audience to effectively search your video library.

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