Corporate Communications

Effective corporate communications requires that the target audience enjoy easy, convenient and timely access to information. High quality Mediasite Webcasting facilitates this exact requirement.

How would your organisation change if internal briefings and training took place anywhere, anytime?
The Mediasite Webcast platform captures content to help employees do their jobs and webcasts it live or on-demand over the internet, automatically.

You’ll find Mediasite webcasting technology and services in organisations large and small - from Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses, government agencies to nonprofit associations, and more universities and educational institutions than any other platform.

The Mediasite platform integrates with your existing enterprise infrastructure and allows your organisation too simply, securely, reliably and cost-effectively Record, Deliver, Watch and Manage your rich media:

  • Executive briefings
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Time sensitive announcements
  • Press Conferences
  • Event documentation
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Research collaboration
  • Company announcements
  • Online advertising
  • Product updates
  • Online learning

Take a tour of the Mediasite webcasting platform which can be deployed internally within your organisation. Or learn how our webcastcloud hosted streaming services can assist in delivering your corporate message through online video.