Lecture Capture / Blended Learning / Education

Capturing learning/educational content is often about capturing more than just the speaker. Right now there are hundreds of learning activities taking place in classrooms around the globe.

The terms; e-learning, video-based instruction, online classes, blended education, hybrid courses, distance education, course-casting, virtual classrooms, virtual learning environments are derived from the accessibility of content capture and webcasting.

The capture of content such as student presentations, user generated video, collaborative exercises, lab demonstrations and guest speakers has resulted in a more engaging and interactive learning environment. The web has greatly accelerated the sharing of instruction and knowledge beyond the bricks and mortar of the classroom.

In the Mediasite classroom instructors teach; No training, no software downloads, no need for teachers to push a single button. Mediasite features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage search and track video-based instruction.

The Mediasite Recorder automatically records your instructor and their laptop, tablet, whiteboard or document camera. This is automatically sent to the Mediasite Server, where it is streamed live and archived for immediate playback on-demand.

Students can immediately via their class online via their Learning/Course management system.

The mediasite platform automates the whole capture-to-delivery process.

Take a tour of the Mediasite webcasting platform to see how you institution can capture and deliver your courses online.