Workforce Development / Training

Webcasting connects your workforce - HR training, skills enhancement, corporate policy documentation, office and best practice procedures are effectively communicated with the Mediasite Webcasting platform.

How would your organisation change if training and briefings took place anywhere, anytime?

Mediasite captures your content to help employees do their jobs and webcasts it live over the internet, automatically. Workers can then learn in real-time or later on-demand.

Interactive Rich media webcasts and online video presentations ensure improved productivity and increased skill development, quickly and easily building on the strengths of your business.

How would your organisation change if internal briefings and training took place anywhere, anytime?
The Mediasite Webcast platform captures content to help employees do their jobs and webcasts it live or on-demand over the internet, automatically.

  • HR training
  • Recruitment presentations
  • New employee welcome
  • Get new hires up to speed immediately
  • Keep track of which participants have viewed presentations
  • Corporate policy documentation
  • Building orientation
  •  Boost employee development in leadership, program management and other core skills
  • Office procedures
  • Learning programs
  • Certifications
  • Generate cost savings over having the trainer travel to various locations to repeat the same instruction

Take a tour of the Mediasite webcasting platform to see how you organisation can effectively capture, deliver and manage your online trainings. Or learn how our webcastcloud hosted streaming services can assist in delivering your rich medias trianings online.